Why Choose Cremation?

Why do most people choose cremation?  Why has the trend been growing in that direction over the past couple of decades? The number one reason is PRICE.  Some may choose cremation because of their desire to keep the cremated remains of their loved one at their residence.  Some choose cremation because they desire to divide the cremated remains, sharing them with other family members within mini-keepsake urns.  Whatever the reason, cremation is an option more families are choosing as a part of their funeral plans, and it's no wonder, with all of the options available in cremation memorialization today. 

You may call us today for the necessary forms for arranging a cremation or burial service. These forms completed in advance will record your wishes and ease any questions that your loved ones may have had.


The Cremation Option


The reasons people give for choosing cremation vary from economic to ecologic. There are those who believe cremation is a less expensive funeral care alternative, yet others spend more on a funeral which includes cremation than on traditional burial.

Some believe it's the "right thing to do" for Mother Earth; committing their loved one's cremated remains to the wind, land, sea, or even outer space. Click here to learn more about Green Cremation.

Still others choose cremation when families are separated by distance, dividing the cremated remains which are kept in "keepsake" urns, such as sculptured artwork, or specially designed fine jewelry.

Whatever your reasons for choosing cremation, it is wise to explore the many options available. Don't hesitate to direct any questions or concerns to Rebekah or Erica at Blair's Direct Cremation and Burial Service, who can provide guidance founded upon years of working with families who have chosen cremation as means of final disposition.


Funeral Services with Cremation


Nationally, the cremation rate is approximately 48.6%, compared to only 25% in 1999, and the rate is expected to continue its growth, reaching 54.3% in 2020. With concern about the economy, cremation services will continue to be in demand as their cost may be as much as 50% lower than a traditional funeral.

As the cremation rate has risen over the years, funeral care professionals have seen a tremendous growth in unique, individual tributes before or after the cremation process. Prior to the cremation, one may choose to have visitation and funeral service with the casketed body present. Memorial tributes can also take place after cremation, either at the funeral home, the home of the family, or a house of worship.

One may or may not choose to have cremated remains displayed in an urn on the premises during memorial tribute services. Regardless of when a service or memorial tribute is held, having some kind of ceremony provides friends and family with the opportunity to say a final "good-bye". This time also gives the bereaved an opportunity to share their memories and give support to one another.

Final Disposition

Placing the cremated remains in a permanent memorial is just as important to some families as the memorial service itself. For many, a grave or mausoleum niche is a place to visit and remember the life of their loved one. Others find an appropriate place in their home to keep the cremated remains. These options provide a family the opportunity to visit and reflect in a fixed, identifiable location; important to those wishing to keep close watch over their loved one.

One may choose to "scatter" cremated remains in a place of great significance. The sea, a meadow, or a favorite park are popular choices for individuals (There is even a company that will launch small capsules containing cremated remains into Earth's orbit!). Check with Rebekah or Erica at Blair's Direct Cremation and Burial Service to see if local laws provide for scattering of the cremated remains on public or private property.


Ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars, funeral services increase in price the more elaborate they are. Funeral costs, including those of the cremation process itself, vary by region and availability of merchandise.

Most crematories in America require some kind of closed, rigid container for the cremation process. Choices range from cardboard or particleboard containers to hardwood caskets which are suitable for visitations and memorial services before the cremation.

Urns also vary in price and design. Made from a variety of materials including metal, hardwood and ceramic, families can choose a receptacle based on the personality or hobbies of the deceased or even the decor of the room in which it will be placed. Sculptured urns are among the very latest in cremation tribute merchandise. There are also companies which incorporate cremated remains into crystal sculptures and jewelry.

Rebekah or Erica can assist you in making arrangements that suit your preferences and financial situation. Be sure to express your wishes, no matter what they may be. Cremation options are limited only by one's imagination, and Rebekah or Erica will be happy to accommodate your wishes as best as possible.

Green Cremation

What is "Green Cremation"? Click here to learn more.